Hedge Reduction and Hedge Removal

The Green Team offer Hedge Reduction and Hedge Removal services. Our hedge reduction and removal services can be applied to all hedging types.

The Green Team will advise you on the most suitable hedge reduction or hedge removal solution to meet your requirements.

By utilising various hand and mechanical tools, we are able to ensure the required quality of our hedge reduction and removal services. The Green Team strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

When carrying out major hedge works, reduction or removal, The Green Team will undertake the relevant risk assessments for wildlife and utilities.

Hedge reduction and removal examples:

• Hedge reduction can improve light, visibility, security and visual aesthetics of a hedge, whilst also helping future maintenance tasks and promoting a healthier growth pattern.
• Hedge removal is typically used when the hedge is dying or diseased, access or space restrictions or requirements are needed to be met.

Other names and Keywords: Stump and root removal, digging out hedge, privet, laurel, beech, hawthorn, holly, Pyracantha, overgrown hedge