Powered Hedge Trimming

The Green Team offer a Powered Hedge Trimming service for larger volume hedging, producing a good horticultural finish.

The quality of the finish is dependent on the size and gaps in the cutting teeth. The Green Team will advise you on the most suitable powered hedge trimming method and machinery to use to meet your requirements. We will always use the right tool for the right job.

By utilising reliable and well maintained Stihl and Kawasaki double/single sided and long reach powered hedge trimmers, we are able to ensure the required quality for our hedge trimming services. The Green Team strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

This method of hedge trimming is typically used for:

• For boundary and screening hedging.
• For amenity and formal hedging.
• For larger ornamental and topiary hedges.

Other names and Keywords: Powered hedge trimming, topiary, hedge shaping, fence lines