Pruning and Maintenance of Bed and Border Plants

The Green Team offer a Pruning and Maintenance of Bed and Border Plants service.

A good pruning regime is essential to promote the healthy growth of shrubs and plants.

The Green Team gardening operatives are fully proficient in the latest approved methods of pruning, from the specialist pruning required by herbaceous plants to standard good practice methods for pruning various shrubs and roses.

• Can aid in controlling disease and pests.
• Encourage fruit and flower growth
• To control and train the growth patterns of plants, shrubs and roses etc.
• Deadheading, Pinching and Cutting Back Flowers
• Removal of dead or diseased wood, stems and leaves
• Reduce plant size when space is limited.

Other names and Keywords: pruning, trimming plants, cut-back, training plants, pruning saw, Secateurs, loppers