Flail Mowing

The Green Team offer a full range of flail mowing services, this versatile method can produce excellent results on fine turf when used regularly. Areas that require a less frequent maintenance schedule, such as wild flower and meadow areas can achieve surprisingly good results when this method is utilised.

Reclaiming areas that have become overgrown with brambles, nettles and weeds, flail mowing produces excellent results .

Equipment including Kubota F3680 tractor unit with a 1.6 metre Muthing Flail, Wrights Stander Flail and Wessex Pedestrian Flail.

The Green Team strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

These methods of grass cutting are typically used for:

• Bramble, nettles and weed reduction
• Wild flower meadows and rough grass
• Grass banks and verges

Other names and Keywords: chain mowing, flail mowing