Pedestrian Grass Mowing

The Green Team offer a full range of pedestrian walk behind mowing, suitable for grass cutting on all small to medium sized grass areas, from an ornamental striped finish with grass collection to rough cutting where arising’s are left.

Utilising our extensive range of pedestrian mowers we can cater for high specification cricket squares and ornamental lawns to wild flower meadows and rough grass areas.

Equipment including Dennis cylinder mowers and Hayter Harrier 56/48 rear roller collection mowers used for cricket squares and ornamental grass.

Our range of bio-clip / mulching mowers typically used for environmentally friendly amenity mowing.

For areas with access difficulties, where ride-on mowers are unsuitable (i.e. grass banks/verges) we use our range of various Hydro-Walkers.

The Green Team strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

These methods of grass cutting are typically used for:

• High specification sports pitches and squares
• Small to medium sized ornamental lawns
• Wild flower meadows and rough grass
• Grass banks and verges

Other names and Keywords: Walk behind mowing, pedestrian mowing, ornamental mowing, cricket wickets, wild flower meadows, rough grass