Amenity Grass Mowing

The Green Team offer a full range of amenity grass area mowing, suitable for grass cutting on Industrial Estates, Car Parks, Woodland Areas, Housing Estates, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Utilising out-front rotary and zero turn ride-on Kubota, SCAG and John Deere machines to achieve a good quality amenity finish. The Green Team strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

This method of grass cutting is typically used for:

• For smaller areas with width access restrictions and obstacles we use our zero turn ride-on rotary mowers, which are ideal for a quality and quantity finish in this environment.
• For medium to larger areas with width access restrictions and obstacles (i.e. trees, benches, ornamental and water features) we use our out-front rotary mowers.

Other names and Keywords: woodland grass area, medium sized grass areas